"Work like you don't need the money, love like you'll never get hurt, and dance like nobody's watching."

  • I designed www.mortgage-denver.com using PHP, HTML, Javascript and plenty of CSS. The dropdown menus are a version of the "Suckerfish Dropdowns", and I needed to do a browser sniff to identify which stylesheet to use so that there was cross browser compliance in the dropdown menu. This site was search engine optimized and showed up well on MSN and YAHOO.

  • This is a website I designed for the Westminster Elks lodge at www.westminsterelks.org, where I'm a member. I began to make much more liberal use of PHP in this site and found it especially helpful for things such as headers, navigation, footers etc. so that I didn't have to change a bunch of pages all at once. What a great revelation! You'll also notice I used more of the CSS styled "Suckerfish Dropdowns" to facilitate the dropdown menu.

  • My very first foray into the world of web design, www.mortgageboulder.com made use of tables for alignment and a borrowed javascript routine for the dropdown menu - which doesn't work in Mozilla. Thus my first introduction to the thorny issue of cross-browser compliance. Now I check all my work in IE, Netscape and Firefox. I know the colors are bright. I thought it would make the site stand out, and it does. I did SEO on this one and it currently comes up on the first pages of all the major search engines. Yeah!!!

  • The website shown here is just a little family website I put together for a christmas gift. This is the site I began to discover the benefits of CSS, and why they call them "cascading" style sheets. Wow! I tried to keep it pretty simple, since I didn't know what the other family members would want to put on it. Needless to say, I'm the only one updating content. You can check out www.ayerskin.com and go to the "Favorite Son" link to see a little bit more about me. There's even a concentration game on here that's kind of fun. Enjoy!

  • www.beaconmortgagellc.com is the first site I did for hire. It was for a small local mortgage company. I really liked my choice of color schemes better, but this is what they wanted. I made liberal use of PHP in the form handling sections of the "Contact Us" sections which allows for the individual's name to be passed on to the submit buttons, etc. I thought it was pretty cool. Plus, I really liked the floating message in a bottle gif, but trust me, it looked better with my colors. ;-)

  • Another site that never went live, this was for a local mortgage firm that had hired me to design their site when their previous webmaster pulled the plug and left town without so much as leaving a backup copy of his code. I was going for a real clean look here to match their minimalist sense of style. I think I pulled it off and would have liked to see this product through to completion. Know anybody in the mortgage business that could use a plug-n-play site to get their company out there in cyberspace?

  • This year's Christmas card to family and friends! Our online Christmas Card got a great reception, so this could become an annual tradition. I used a hidden frame to enable the uninterrupted playing of the music, regardless of what page you are on. Speaking of music, we had a lot of fun putting together the page with "Our Favorite Christmas Songs. They all stream so that they play evenly, regardless of connection speed. Merry Christmas!!!
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